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FaithFeed is a combination of noteworthy items at the forefront of the local, regional and national faith community. The views and opinions expressed in these articles are not the views of CRTC, but are provided as informational and to inspire thoughtful reflection. Please share your comments!

(From Faith & Leadership/Duke Divinity - 05/26/2017)
Christians killed in Egypt attack Lessons for Memorial Day Priests' album hits No. 1 Nordic religion inspires terrorists The prayers of Chris Cornell Superfoods aren't so super
(From UMC - 05/25/2017)
United Methodists long have batted around the idea of adding a church body to take up exclusively U.S. issues. The idea has faced stiff resistance.
(From UCC - 05/25/2017)
Two UCC national officers, part of a high-level delegation of North American faith leaders, traveled to Colombia to provide visible support to the implementation of a peace agreement between the Colombian government and Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC).
(From UCC - 05/25/2017)
Every day we face a new story of a family being separated and children torn from their parent.
(From UCC - 05/24/2017)
Wendy's acquiesced to a teenager's request for a year of free chicken nuggets. But the fast-food chain won't pay an extra cent per pound of tomatoes to support low-wage farm workers.
(From UMC - 05/24/2017)
The Connectional Table’s plan calls for aligning its agency-evaluation work with the development of the denomination’s budget.
(From Faith & Leadership/Duke Divinity - 05/24/2017)
President avoids gaffes on religious tour Social ties make us resilient to trauma EDS and Union to collaborate Book of Mormon read as literature Dying man plans to attend his own wake Where did "business casual" come from?
(From Presbyterian Church (USA) - 05/24/2017)
2016 miscellaneous information about statistics.
(From Presbyterian Church (USA) - 05/24/2017)
2016 Summaries of Statistics– Comparative Summaries.
(From Faith & Leadership/Duke Divinity - 05/24/2017)
Pope & Trump meet Leadership & character Luther, father of protest songs Shame, guilt & fear Trump & prosperity gospel A dad's dementia