• October 5

    "Beyond Our Walls" 2015 Fall Celebration

    Celebrate with us during our 2015 Fall Anniversary Dinner!  Corporate Sponsorships, Table Sponsorships, Honorary Committee, & Program Ads currently available.
  • Resources At Your Fingertips

    Explore the Congregational Resource Guide, a new online tool to help you find and use resources.  Your congregational team can save, organize & discuss resources online!  
  • Scholarships Available

    Up to 50% of course fees!               Easy application process!                   Apply now!

Latest News / Blog Post

May 5, 2015
You know what it’s like. It’s 5:30, you’re tired from a long day, chasing after a toddler, and hoping to get some nutrition and a burst of energy before your evening meeting. No?...
Mar 27, 2015
The older I get the more I’m convinced wandering is essential to rest.  A soul that has come to rest has known what it means to wander.  And, God forbid that our souls should ever...
Feb 4, 2015
David Brooks penned a very interesting article Building Secularism in the Future which appeared in the Times Union Feb. 4th. Here is the link http://www.timesunion.com/tuplus-...
Jan 7, 2015
Capital Region Theological Center is launching an innovative and exciting new learning experience - featuring Linda Mercadante, author of Belief without Borders: Inside the Minds...
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